Sailing away from the safe harbor…

Welcome to my first blog and my first posting!  I just embarked on a six month sabbatical from work after years of yearning to do something different from management consulting.  My plans include lots of travel, maybe learning Spanish, and taking some time to figure out what I want to do next.  I wasn’t bold enough to quit outright and felt like taking a leave of absence was a good backup plan in case nothing else worked out (management consultants are risk-averse!!)

A friend of mine suggested I try out a blog as a way to document my time off as well as force myself to try different things while traveling and write about it.  I have never been someone who posts facebook or Twitter updates everyday and generally do not love drawing attention to myself.  However, I have been reading several inspiring blogs for the last few years of people who left everything behind and traveled, people who tried new jobs and failed miserably but eventually found something they liked better and are much happier for it, people who sold all their belongings and feel happier and more free just living simply…and so on.

All of these blogs resonated with me probably because they all reflect in some part a deep longing from me to do all of those things. After being scared to do this for at least 3 years now, I finally took the plunge and asked for a leave of absence from work. It wasn’t easy and I had plenty of conversations with co-workers and family who told me it was a terrible idea, I was ruining my career, I would never make partner, blah blah blah. But I also talked to people who had done it, were happier and still successful afterwards and thought it was an amazing idea and that I would be much better off for it. I finally stopped caring what all the nay-sayers were saying and decided not to let my job control me anymore and took the plunge!

I am still scared and not sure if it was the best idea, but continue to find inspiration and little sparks of clarity everywhere on why it was the right thing to do.  I will use this space to write about my journey, my epiphanies and general musings on life.

So here’s to new discoveries!!!


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