Giving notice…again

Every time I have given notice of something related to my leave of absence in the past two months, it has felt like a big chore that I dread.  When I told several of my bosses at work, I absolutely dreaded those conversations, with good cause since I didn’t feel great once they were over.  That was probably because I didn’t feel all that sure about what I was doing and didn’t have a great “story” as to why I wanted to do it. It was just more of a feeling that I couldn’t go on any longer in my current job and knew I was meant to do something else.

Today was another one of those situations, though decidedly less stressful than the conversations at work. I gave my landlord notice that I was moving out at the end of July.  I waited until the last minute to tell her because I knew that my travel would become real and I would have to have a REAL PLAN once I told her.  My temporary living arrangement will be at my parents house until I get on the road. Which means that I need to minimize my time there, otherwise they will drive me crazy.  I love my apartment, my neighborhood, and my independence. Letting go of my apartment feels like I am losing many of those things, but I need to remember that I will get it all back when I return.

After having told my landlord and getting it off my chest, it is starting to feel like one of those transitional periods. Like when you graduate college or grad school and are moving out of your dorm/apartment and maybe out of that college town to somewhere new.  Those transitional periods usually leave me feeling a little unsettled, scared, hopeful, excited. And that is exactly where I’m at now.

I feel fairly sure that I will land on my feet, but the time in between may be somewhat painful…


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