Three great things about today

I am reading this book about a woman who is also “searching” (like me) and has been searching for happiness in her career, life, etc. Sound familiar? In any case, one of the things she started doing was to wrote down 3 good things that happened everyday. I liked the idea because even in the crappiest days, there are good things that happen. The last two days have been wonderful. So I decided maybe I should start my 3 good things list on an awesome day. So here goes:

1. Struck up conversations with complete strangers on 2 separate occasions which turned out to be wonderful and with really interesting people. This helped me get out of my shell, which I can sink into in new situations.

2. Incredible weather in Oaxaca today. I could see the mountains in the distance. It was a sunny, clear day. It was wam, but not hot with a pleasant breeze. Made me really appreciate the beauty of this place. Nothing like good weather to make me happy.

3. Found a place to take painting and drawing classes at. Oaxaca is inspiring for it’s beauty but also for the amazing art work everywhere, so I am really excited for my classes

4. Has some YUM Mexican food today.

5. Explored some new neighborhoods and learned of even more from the people in #1

6. Found a place to watch some traditional folk dancing and singing tomorrow night

Ok, so that’s six. But as I said, it was an awesome day!!!


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