Hammam al Andalusi and Teterias

Just returned from a hammam in Granada and I must say, I really enjoyed it! The hammams were originally used by the Muslims who lived here to perform ablutions/bathe before going to the mosque, but they were also social places to relax and hang out. I signed up for a massage and scrub and then of course access to the baths. The baths are essentially 3 pools: a cold pool, a hot pool, and a warm pool. There are also areas near the pool to just sit or lie down. And there was a steam room. The entire placed was infused with scents of cloves and other things my sense of smell is not advanced enough to identify. But suffice it to say the whole place smelled amazing. I enjoyed going from pool to pool and just relaxing. There was also calm Arab-sounding music in the background.

My massage was very light and simple. Nothing like the intense 1 hour massages I sign up for in New York to destress and get the kinks out of my neck and back. This was only 15 minutes and the lady used soap, water, some kind of foaming liquid and a scrubbing mitt. Still, it was quite enjoyable.

I also checked out a Teteria (tea house) in Granada. They are all over the place and serve all different kinds of teas, as well as hookah. As a tea snob, I quite enjoyed the teterias!

Anyway, pictures to come once I finally make it to an Internet cafe.


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