I was wrong…

So in an earlier post I had felt that it was amazing the extent to which Spain had colonized Mexico. But after being in Spain for two weeks, I feel like the two countries are so different, that it’s difficult to find any similarity apart from the language and religion. Those are admittedly two huge things that make up a large part of any culture. But in Mexico there are plenty of indigenous languages still in use today. And the religion is more of an amalgamation of roman Catholicism with the indigenous beliefs rather than pure Catholicism.

After being in Spain, I actually realize how much I liked Mexico and Oaxaca in particular. Though it is nice to feel safe here, everything works, tap water is safe!! But I don’t love the food here. I enjoyed it much more in mexico. I loved the beauty of Mexico and the people were really warm.

Also, I found a lot more parallels between mexican and Indian culture, whereas I don’t see many between Spain and India. Being in Spain makes me think back to high school when all we learned was European history and of course American history, but no Asian history or anything I could really relate to. As a result, I got bored and largely don’t remember anything from history class.

One of the guys I am staying with in this B&B is sooo into European and Spanish history and the architecture. And this is super crass, but I keep thinking to myself that all this stuff gives him a hard on whereas I couldn’t care less….

I suppose the other thing is, I spent a lot more time in one place in Mexico (Oaxaca) getting to know locals, but I haven’t really done the same here. Maybe that would change my point of view, but I am doubtful. I have stayed in a lot of B&Bs, which helps me to know some locals, but still haven’t fallen in love with the place.

Last note, I had my iPod on shuffle the other day and came across my SpanishPod lessons at the “Newbie” level. I realized how far I have come with my Spanish!! I feel so far past the Newbie level. Through in reality, I am probably still a beginner. But it’s amazing how being in a Spanish speaking environment will help your Spanish skills improve really fast. I’m no longer afraid to go to new places in Spain alone because my Spanish skills are adequate to get me what I need. My grammar is all off and I do not know all the tenses, but it’s ok 🙂


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