I learned a new word today: “fuera”, which apparently when shouted by the audience to performers, is not a good thing. It means, “get out” or something like that.

I had gone to see a flamenco show at a local peña (social club) in El Puerto de la Santa Maria that my AirBNB host took me to along with two other AirBNB guests. Anyway, it started off slow, as they usually do. But after only 2 songs, the singers and dancer went backstage for a break. I thought it was really early for a break but figured maybe this was a Spanish thing. Next thing we knew, they were packing up their things and were leaving. The audience started yelling, “FUERA FUERA!!” The only thing we were able to learn is that the band leaving was the result of something that happened at one of the tables. I’m not sure if an insult was yelled or something.

In any case, Chris, the AirBNB host, told us that this is a good example of all the politics wrapped up in flamenco. The band and dancer were likely gipsies and there is definitely a divide between the spaniards and gipsies. Some of it probably discrimination and some based on truth. Anyway, we noticed the band was standing outside the club when we left. I was surprised that they didn’t go home. Our other host, Nestor, explained that it was likely because they hadn’t been paid yet and were waiting to be paid. And it was even possible that the peña manager might come out and try to convince the band to come back in and finish the show.

We did not get to see that happen, but Chris and Nestor will no doubt find out the gossip soon enough. Nestor was like, “you should have called me when this happened! I love this drama!” A man after my own heart 🙂

The drama capped off an awesome day where we all crammed into Nestor and chris’s car for a road trip to Bolonia. Apparently on a clear day you can see morocco across the water, as it’s only 16 miles. But we were unable go see morocco. Instead, we had incredibly strong winds, which initially seemed worrisome. But ended up working out. Not ideal beach weather, but with a few beers, a swim in the water, a walk up this huge UNESCO protected sand dune, and getting to know my fellow AirBNB guests, it turned into an awesome day. Nestor and Chris are awesome hosts and I could not have asked for a better AirBNB experience. They are fun, generous, excited to show us around, excited to share home cooked food with us (I had Nestor’s awesome homemade, Andalusian gazpacho! And even got a mini cooking lesson out of it!) All in all, a fabulous pair of guys.


4 thoughts on “FUERA! FUERA!

  1. That was an interesting post. People still don’t like gypsies, but I don’t really know why (or anything about gypsies to begin with). Your road trip sounds like it was a lot of fun. What is a UNESCO protected sand dune?


    • Yep, definitely a lot of “us versus them” when it comes to the gypsies. And it sounds like each side keeps living up to the expectations.

      A UNESCO protected sand dune is this massive sand dune built up over many years by strong winds. And now I guess UNESCO prevents any construction or removal of it. Very cool. Unfortunately I didn’t bring my camera when I climbed up it.

  2. btw, I watched a couple of episodes of that show “my big fat gypsy wedding” (or some title like that). It’s a reality show that follows gypsies (who are about to be married) in the U.K. It seemed like a slightly misogynistic culture (with the “grabbing the women” wedding ritual). Of course, it’s only a television/reality show, etc etc.

  3. Oh, and it’s only worth watching one episode if you would watch any at all, since each one is basically the same. Yes, I watch all sorts of trash t.v. when it’s on.

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