“I had to go see about a girl”

After three weeks here, I am still struggling with being back in India.  It’s been exactly ten years since I started the AIF Clinton Fellowship in India and I fell in love with the place then.  It was an intense, but incredible, life-changing experience.  Now I am trying to remember what I loved so much about it.  Being here doesn’t feel easy in the same way that other Asian countries do.  While Delhi may be organized and have a better infrastructure than the other big cities in India, it is still dusty and overwhelming.  I feel rather disconnected from India, which is surprising to me, because I felt SO connected to it by the time I finished up my fellowship, though I was in India for nine months at that point.

I have to keep remembering that my journey has only just begun and I have to give this whole thing a chance.  I have been stuck in Delhi for the past three weeks. We are hopefully heading to Ahmedabad on Friday for a couple days.  The phrase that keeps coming back to me is the line from Good Will Hunting, “I had to go see about a girl…” In this case, “the girl” is India and starting a business.  Matt Damon leaving behind all those lucrative job offers for the girl of his dreams….me leaving behind lucrative job offers for the life of my dreams…ok, so maybe the analogy is a little tenuous.  But it works for me 🙂