I ♥ Jaipur

It’s been about two months since I arrived in India and I have hardly posted.  I know all two of my readers have been waiting with baited breath to see what I have been up to.  In the last two months I traveled to Ahmedabad and to several places in the northeast, but didn’t feel compelled to write.  This trip to India has been a struggle for so many reasons that mainly boil down to:

  1. India being India
  2. The trip being different than any other kind of travel I have done

So I decided to travel solo for a bit since I enjoyed doing that last year.  I made my way to Jaipur in Rajasthan this past week. I will probably travel all of Rajasthan solo. So far it has been great.  I am sure this is partly because I decided it’s totally worth shelling out a few more bucks for lodging to keep me happy (this is a lesson learned from #1 above).

So here is a quick update.  I am really enamored by Jaipur for so many reasons:

  1. The city is full of tourists, so hotel managers know how to run hotels!! (yes, the hotel snob in me is alive and well)
  2. You can’t help but stumble upon beautiful and majestic Rajasthani and Moghul architecture everywhere in the old city

3. The city is SOO much more manageable than Delhi. There are even sidewalks! (it’s the little things..)

4. The weather is incredible this time of year. Think Spring in NYC..

5. I tasted the best lassi ever and proceeded to have it daily while I was in Jaipur (don’t be surprised if I return with the extra 15 pounds that I worked so hard to lose last year)

6. I am totally enamored with the pagris (turbans) and dhotis the old school men wear and the outfits the women wear (a daily wear version of a lehenga). The sari is admittedly much more elegant, but this daily lehenga thing looks SO much more comfy.  Check out the pagri montage below.



7. Camels seem to be a totally normal and acceptable mode of transporting goods everywhere. I see random camels lugging stuff all the time here

8. Rajasthani mustaches are AWESOME

9. I saw a snake charmer!

Terrified of touching the snake who was constantly hissing at me, though the snake charmer assured me his poisonous teeth had been removed.

Reluctantly agreeing to touch the tail end of the snake..

Yes, I fell for this tourist stuff hook, line and sinker, but I am loving this place and happy.

I finally left Jaipur to hang out in a mud hut on a farm for two nights.  I was unsure about this whole mud hut thing, having grown up coming to my extended family’s homes in Delhi and once in a while somewhere more rural and I didn’t love it.  The good thing about this particular mud hut situation is that it’s meant for tourists! Comfy bed, western style toilet and all. I am the only one staying here, but the couple who run this place are awesome. It’s on an organic farm, too!  Next post will be the organic farm/mud hut recap.  Pics to come later. Internet connection is too slow on the organic farm to post anything.


2 thoughts on “I ♥ Jaipur

  1. Wow I wish I was there with you to experience all the vibrant colors and images of Jaipur. The organic mud hut farm sounds interesting, but I guess you are fortunate to have toilets. I can’t wait to hear more.

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